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Featured Text: The Clipper Ship Era

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The featured text for February 2014 is The Clipper Ship Era (1911) by former sea captain Arthur Hamilton Clark.

This history book describes the pinnacle of wooden sailing ships in the mid-nineteenth century (1843–1869). The period is illustrated through “biographies” of some of the greatest ships of the day and accounts of their races across oceans to get their cargo, from tea to opium, to market.

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New texts in December

Some new texts from December’s additions to Wikisource include:

New texts in November
Wikisource is ten today!

The Wikisource project started on 24th November 2003.  2013 is its tenth birthday and, to celebrate, English Wikisource is running a contest.

Over the next fourteen days, ten texts will be proofread:

  1. Dictionary of Slang, Jargon & Cant, Volume 1 (1889) by Albert Barrére and Charles Godfrey Leland
  2. Foggerty’s Fairy and Other Tales (1890) by William Schwenck Gilbert
  3. The Royal Navy, a History, Volume 1 (1897) by William Laird Clowes
  4. Men of Mark in America, Volume 1 (1905) edited by Merrill Edward Gates
  5. Historical Essays and Studies (1907) by John Acton
  6. Doctor Syn (1915) by Russell Thorndyke
  7. The Lieutenant and Others (1915) by Herman Cyril McNeile
  8. Mahatma Gandhi: His Life, Writings and Speeches (1917) by Mohandas K. Gandhi
  9. The Republican Party (1920) by Willis Fletcher Johnson
  10. Amazing Stories, vol. 21 #6 (June 1947) edited by Raymond A. Palmer

The proofreaders will gain points.  The user with the most points at the end will win a Kobo e-reader.  The runner up in the first week and the runner up in the second week will both win Amazon vouchers.  Prizes are donated by Wikimedia UK.

Everyone is welcome to join in a help celebrate the library that anyone can improve by improving it in this contest.

Validation month 2013

November is “Validation Month” on Wikisource. This is the month when the Proofread of the Month project focuses on validating works. Validation is the final stage of proofreading, where a second user double-checks that the proofread transcription is correct.

A fully validated work is the most complete and highest quality work that Wikisource provides. It can be seen as a green proofreading ribbon underneath the title of a work.

Several works that only need validation to be complete are currently cycling on the main page (for three hours at a time each).

Featured Text: The Laws of Hammurabi, King of Babylonia

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The featured text for November is The Laws of Hammurabi, King of Babylonia (1903) by H. Otto Sommer, translating the ancient Akkadian work of Hammurabi, sixth king of Babylonia. It was part of the “Records of the Past” series published by the Records of the Past Exploration Society.

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New texts in October
Wikisource Community Survey

The Wikisource Community Survey ends soon.  It has been advertised on the Wikisources but if you haven’t joined in yet, now is your last chance.  The survey is intended to find out what Wikisourcers want for the future of their project.

Featured Text: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow


There are two featured texts this October, both with a Halloween theme.  The second text is The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (1820) by Washington Irving.

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Featured Text: The Canterville Ghost


There are two featured texts for October, both chosen to match with the upcoming Halloween.  The first text is The Canterville Ghost (1887) by Oscar Wilde.

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